SEO My Goodness by Paul Scrivens
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SEO My Goodness

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What's included?

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About SEO
What Is SEO?
Why You Want to Be on Google
It's All About Intent
What Is a Keyword?
The 3 Different Types of Keywords
Discovering Keywords: Intent
Discovering Keywords: Audience Insights
Discovering Keywords: Ubersuggest
Discover Keywords: Competitive Analysis
SEMRush Competitive Analysis
12 mins
LSI Keywords
How Google Works
Introduction of Spam
Ranking Factor: Overall Content Relevance
Ranking Factor: Clickthrough Rate
Ranking Factor: Time On Site
Finding Time on Site
2 mins
Ranking Factor: HTTPS
Ranking Factor: Backlinks
Ranking Factor: Social Media Activity
Ranking Factor: Usability
Checking for 404s in Google Search Console
2 mins
How Long Does It Take to Rank
On-Page SEO
How to Structure Your Site
Optimizing Your Content
Decreasing Page Load Speed
Increasing Usability
4 mins
Mobile Support
Link Building
What Are Links?
What to Avoid in Link Building
Link Building Strategy: Interviews
Link Building Strategy: Round Up Posts with Experts
Link Building Strategy: Guest Posts
Link Building Strategy: Pinterest
Google Analytics
Why Analytics?
Common Terms Explained
How to Use Google Analytics
13 mins
What Is Google Search Console?
8 mins
SEO Workflow: New Content
Why Have a Workflow?
Brand Builder vs Keyword Chaser
Talented Underachiever
Keyword Tracker
UberSuggest Keyword Research
12 mins
Hub & Spoke Pages
6 mins
Competitor Research
Competitor Research With SEMRush
10 mins
Choosing a Silo
6 mins
Choosing Content + Keywords
10 mins
Content Preparation
9 mins
Writing Content
9 mins