Landing Page Love Letters by Paul Scrivens

Landing Page Love Letters

What's included?

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About Landing Pages
What Is a Landing Page?
That First Impression
Silly Conversion Rate Ideas
3 Types of Visitors
The Buyer's Journey
The Awareness Stage
The Interest Stage
The Desire Stage
The Action Stage
The Fogg Behavior Model
Fogg behavior model in 2 minutes and 30 seconds
Understanding How People Learn
Principles of Persuasion
Persuasion Is Dangerous
Using Scarcity
Cognitive Dissonance
Reciprocal Concessions
Social Proof
Principles of Landing Page Design
What Is Good Design?
What Is Usability?
Clearing Up Clarity
Calls To Action
Copy, Steal, Learn
Love Letter Structure
The Repeatable Process
The Header (Essential)
The Transformation (Essential)
The Plan (Optional)
Testimonials (Optional)
The Breakdown (Essential)
Video (Optional)
The Cost (Optional)
What's Inside? (Essential)
Pricing (Essential)
About You (Optional)
Frequently Asked Questions (Optional)
Constructing a Sales Page
Tool: Elementor Pro
The Header
15 mins
The Transformation
11 mins
The Breakdown
10 mins
The Cost
6 mins
What's Inside
8 mins
8 mins
The Review
16 mins
The Review II
10 mins