Feel Good Funnels by Paul Scrivens

Feel Good Funnels

What's included?

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Module 1: The Joys of Passive Income
What You Owe To Them
Sales Funnels
Your Funnel, Your Audience, Your Feelings
Building Relationships
Consistent Upfront Value
Module 2: Your Audience of One
The One Person You Will Sell To
Profiling and Understanding The One
Unlocking the One
The Journey from A to B
Audience Phases
Module 3: Storyselling Sequences
The Impact of Storytelling
Sequential Storytelling
One Time Sequences
Keeping Their Attention: The Cliffhanger
Choose a Side, Pick an Enemy
The Hidden Treasure
Module 4: Segmenting Your Audience
Choose Their Adventure
The Power of Targeting
The Silo Method
Opt-Ins and Segmenting
Hunters vs. Ghosts
Niche Matters
Module 5: The Basic Storyselling Sequence
Opt-ins The Right Way
Storyselling the Core Offer
The Return Path
Module 6: Advanced Storyselling Sequence
The Tripwire
Profit Maximizers