Dating Pinterest by Paul Scrivens
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Dating Pinterest

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What's included?

Video Icon 11 videos Text Icon 30 text files


Module 1: About Pinterest
Ups and Downs of Pinterest
Your Niche & Pinterest
Why Pinterest?
What Pinterest Wants
Your Content
The Smart Home Feed
Pinterest SEO
Pinterest Search
Pinterest Followers
Module 2: Profile Setup
Pinterest & Your Brand
Setting Up a Business Account
Profile Set Up
4 mins
Your Boards
Group Boards
Module 3: Pins That Wins
What Pins Work
Anatomy of Great Pin Design
Pin Titles & Descriptions
Finding Stock Photography
5 mins
Setting Up Rich Pins
9 mins
Designing Pins in Canva
10 mins
Designing Pins in Sketch
8 mins
Module 4: Pinterest & Your Site
The Site Experience
Using Images Wisely
Module 5: Pinning Strategy
Pinning Principles
Getting Your Pins Onto Pinterest
6 mins
Manual Pinning vs. Scheduled Pinning
Module 6: Manual Pinning Workflow
More About Manual Pinning
New Pins: Hub/Source Boards
New Pins: Spoke Boards
New Pins: Review
Active Pins: Pinterest Analytics & Notifications
Active Pin: Google Analytics
Module 7: Using Tailwind
Why Tailwind
Setting Up Your Account
6 mins
The Scheduler & Board Lists
11 mins
Batch Scheduling
8 mins
10 mins
Tailwind Analytics
7 mins
Module 8: Analytics
Pinterest Analytics