Content Creation Cocktail by Paul Scrivens
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Content Creation Cocktail

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What's included?

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Module 1: About Content
Value & Marketing
WIIFM and Sides
Enjoy The Process
Module 2: About Your Audience
Who Cares About Them?
Content Empathy Exercises
Module 3: Content Planning
Let Others Do The Work
Social Media Content vs. Search Engine Content
The Skyscraper Technique
Using UberSuggest
5 mins
Pinterest + Youtube
Where to Start
Module 4: Content Creating
Creating Value
3 Content Archetypes
Perfect Post Titles
The Post Structure
The Introduction
The Conclusion
Editing Your Content
Module 5: Content Marketing
What is Content Marketing
Top of the Funnel
Middle of the Funnel
Bottom of the Funnel
Your Content + Sales Funnel
Module 6: Creating Viral Content
About Viral Content
Virality on Networks
Why People Share
Emotions Are Contagious
Methods of Virality